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 Thank You !

There are lots of people and some companies who support the GNOPPIX project. This is the place to say thank you to them:

  • Klaus Knopper

    Thank you Klaus, for Knoppix.

  • Alex de Landgraaf

    Thank you Alex for the modularisation of Knoppix, Morphix.

  • NoŽl Koethe

    Thank you NoŽl for the web domains.

  • Kurt Pfeifle

    Thank you Kurt, for all the work you did to make CUPS what it is today.

  • James Strandboge

    Thank you James, for providing the GNOME backport for Debian GNU/Linux Woody.

  • Ralf Nolden

    Thank you Ralf, for providing lots of backported packages.

  • Nicolas Noben

    Thank you Nicolas, for providing lots of nice artwork.

  • Hosteurope

    Thanks to Hosteurope for the build server and for hosting our primary mirror and web server.

  • credativ

    Thanks to credativ for providing the infrastructure for the live cd in the past.

  • GNU

    Thanks to the GNU project for savannah, a development platform for free software.


    Thanks to the GNOME project for providing a high-quality, stable and easily usabe desktop environment.

  • Debian

    Thanks to the Debian project for providing a stable and robust Distribution which makes GNOPPIX really stable and robust too.

  • Lots of other people...

    Of course, these people/organizations like you, this place is to say thank you to anyone else who has contributed lots of stuff...

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     Bug Tracking

    Visit the Gnoppix bug tracking pages for reporting your problems. You will find answers for your questions there. [countinue..]



    You are welcome to participate in the community. There are many ways for you to help make a distribution that better suits your needs.[countinue..]


    Gnoppix Org

     e-mail : info at gnoppix org

      Gnoppix is a Linux Live CD based on Ubuntu Linux using GNOME Desktop
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