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Gnoppix 0.7 beta screenshots

Gnoppix 0.7 Gnome Desktop Using Dia Working with dictionary online Epiphany

Bluefish html editor Browsing Google search engine Browsing Gnoppix website Browsing Debian website

Using Starting Ximian Evolution Evolution Account Management Evolution and PGP/GPG Evolution compose mail

Evolution preview mail Image browser Eye of Gnome File Browser Archive Manager File Roller

Freecell Frozen-Bubble (nice) All in one GAIM Signon MSN with gaim

gaim The gimp 2.0 Working with gimp 2.0 Gnome Meeting

Gnome volume controller GNOPPIX INSTALLER Working with Gnumeric ICQ and MSG together with gaim

k3b Configuration keyboard preferences Midnight Commander (mc) Mozilla mail

Mozilla compose mail Mozilla Browser Nano Openoffice

Openoffice Calculator Openoffice Writer PDF viewer System Log viewer

System Monitor Theme selection Web downloader xmms

 Test Gnoppix

We are looking for GNOPPIX testers. If you want to be a tester please contact with us.


You are welcome to participate in the community. There are many ways for you to help make a distribution that better suits your needs.[countinue..]


Gnoppix Org.  
 e-mail : info at gnoppix org

  Gnoppix is a Linux Live CD based on Ubuntu Linux using GNOME Desktop
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