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Please make sure that you get the latest version. If your bandwidth is limited, please visit the order page or ask your local linux CDROM vendor for Gnoppix.

Grab Gnoppix from our mirrors throughout the world.

Country ftp http rsync Site Sponsor
ftp http rsync Telefonica Primary server
ftp http Germany, Aachen (RWTH Aachen)
ftp http Germany, Göttingen
(Gesellschaft für wissenschaftliche Datenverarbeitung mbH Göttingen)
ftp http Germany, Erlangen (University of Erlangen)
ftp http Germany, Chemnitz (Technische Universitaet Chemnitz)
ftp http Australia, Perth (Linux Australia)
ftp http rsync Australia, Brisbane (PlanetMirror)
ftp http Greece, Athens (National Technical University of Athens)
ftp http rsync Romania, Iasi. (Romanian Education Network)
ftp http Canada, University of Calgary, Department of Computer Science
ftp http rsync Ireland, HEAnet's network in Dublin
ftp http rsync The UK Mirror Service
ftp http University of Porto, Portugal
ftp http Vienna Univ. of Technology, Austria

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 Bug Tracking

Visit the Gnoppix bug tracking pages for reporting your problems. You will find answers for your questions there. [countinue..]


You are welcome to participate in the community. There are many ways for you to help make a distribution that better suits your needs.[countinue..]


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  Gnoppix is a Linux Live CD based on Ubuntu Linux using GNOME Desktop
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