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Please keep your finished torrent session running as long as possible! We need your help! BitTorrent depends on sharing bandwidth and does not work if there are no seeds (downloaders keeping their client open when download is complete).

You can help by re-starting a finished torrent download in order to share your bandwidth and allow others to download faster! For example: When you're going to bed or away for the weekend, start downloading an already finished torrent. The torrent will perform a quick consistency check and then offer your upload bandwidth to the download pool.


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 Bug Tracking

Visit the Gnoppix bug tracking pages for reporting your problems. You will find answers for your questions there. [countinue..]


You are welcome to participate in the community. There are many ways for you to help make a distribution that better suits your needs.[countinue..]


Gnoppix Org  
 e-mail : info at gnoppix org

  Gnoppix is a Linux Live CD based on Ubuntu Linux using GNOME Desktop
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GNOPPIX Team : Contacts : Advertising gnoppix team © 2004, all right reserved